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  • Upcoming conference in October 25-27

    Upcoming conference in October 25-27 titled “Sedimentology without border” sponsored by IAS ( international association of Sedimentologist) for students and staff members to beheld in The University of Buea, Cameroon.

  • The 2023 Geological Challenge!

    The Schools Geology Challenge is an annual competition for A-Level students where they are given the chance to showcase their geological knowledge. There are two stages to the competition: the qualifier, and the final. In the first stage, participants present a geoscience topic of their choice to an online audience. We were thrilled to receive entries across…

  • Mount Cameroon oil seeps and their rheological properties

    The geology of the Gulf of Guinea, at the southeastern foot of Mount Cameroon presents a transition from a sedimentary terrain to a volcanic terrain marked by the presence of anactive Cameroon Mountain. The presence of seeps at the foot of this Mountain could serves as an indication for more onshore exploration in the area.…